Invest in Startups

Our primary focus is to invest in the best tech companies where we believe we can make a difference

Mentor Startups

Our experience, connections and understanding of industry and startups gives a unique angle to mentor promising founders

Advise Industry

We help identify problems that can be solved with technology, scout for best solutions and help implement them

Bridging two different worlds

Decarbonising is no longer a question for industry, it is really about how effective you can be in using the right technology in the right place. It sounds simple, yet identifying realistic goals, finding the right technology, implementing it and make sure employees use it, is actually hard.

On the technology side, amazing solutions are being developed. However, unlike a consumer solution where it is very easy to get extensive customer feedback and quick penetration, industry is much harder. From the outside, large corporates can seem opaque, bureaucratic, conservative and the resulting sales cycles very long.

Having experience on both sides, we are uniquely placed to help create the right environment for an efficient collaboration. Large corporates get real results where it matters and tech companies can grow quickly.

Our model is flexible, but the following approach has proven quite successful:

  • Identify industry problems that can be efficiently solved by technology
  • Find the best technology solution and get some validation from industry
  • Invest in the startup
  • Help deliver a successful outcome for the corporate
  • Replicate through our corporate network

Sounds familiar?

If you are a startup providing climate solutions for the infrastructure or real estate industries or a corporate looking for new climate technologies to make a difference, reach out to us